Lejyon tekstil, tasarım, reklam, dan. san.tic. ltd.şti. Turkey,  info@ipekarnas.com  (referred to as ipekarnas.com hereinafter) and natural or legal persons, which becomes a party of distance sales contract by opting to purchase one of the distance sales services offered by ipekarnas.com (referred to as the PURCHASER hereinafter), constitute the parties of the “Services and Sales Terms and Conditions” below.

• General terms and conditions of services and sales apply for whole Turkey, and shipping fees and other service and sale conditions for foreign country orders may vary. ipekarnas.com reserves the right to decline foreign country orders.
ipekarnas.com doesn't charge shipping fees within İstanbul orders and domestic orders, and foreign country shipping fees vary according to the destination country. For foreign country shippings, shipping fee will be displayed when the product is added to your bag and destination country is selected.
• Product(s) is will be delivered to the PURCHASER or the third person or organization, which is appointed by the PURCHASER within 14 days at the latest for domestic orders and within 3-4 weeks for foreign country orders by the shipping company. In the case that the product is not in stock temporarily or in the presence of force majeure events, delivery date may be prolonged for 10 days, provided that the PURCHASER is informed thereof in advance by ipekarnas.com This additional date may be longer for foreign country orders.
ipekarnas.com is liable to accept orders for only the products that are in stock. ipekarnas.com may not be held responsible for nondelivery of any product that is not in stock. In such a case, ipekarnas.com undertakes not to demand the price of the product, which has not been delivered, from the PURCHASER.
• When the PURCHASER has ordered multiple products, ipekarnas.com may only dispatch the products that are in stock. ipekarnas.com may not be held responsible for nondelivery of any ordered product, which is not in stock.
• Before the order is delivered to the PURCHASER, preliminary information including name, title, mail address and telephone information, to which the PURCHASER can submit any request and complaints; basic features of the product and sales price including all taxes; validity date and payment method of all commitments including sales price; delivery method, cost of the delivery and by whom it will be provided; right of withdrawal and how to use it; all expenses, if any, relevant to communication means used; and delivery date schedule, will be submitted to the PURCHASER through electronic means.
ipekarnas.com is liable to deliver the ordered product to the PURCHASER in unharmed, complete condition and as specified in the order.
• Delivery will be made to the address of the PURCHASER as specified by the PURCHASER or to the address of a third party appointed by the PURCHASER through a carrier assigned by ipekarnas.com
• Payment methods are specified in the order form and the sales contract, and the payments may be made only in the specified methods.
• When the PURCHASER pays the price of the ordered product, order will be dispatched and delivered within the predefined date through the contracted carrier.
• In the case that the price of the order is not paid to ipekarnas.com by the bank or the financial institution due to unjust or illegal use of the PURCHASER’s credit card by unauthorized persons beyond the PURCHASER’s control after the delivery, the PURCHASER must return the product to ipekarnas.com within 3 days, provided that the product has been delivered to the PURCHASER. In such a case, shipping fees belong to the PURCHASER.
ipekarnas.com manufactures knitted delicate products. ipekarnas.com warns the PURCHASER about the careful use of the products. If information about the nature of the damage for any repair work due to careless use is submitted to info@ipekarnas.com repair work may be done in accordance with the damage and not to aggrieve the PURCHASER. In such a case, any shipping fees relevant to return of the product to ipekarnas.com will belong to the PURCHASER.
ipekarnas.com hereby agrees and undertakes that the PURCHASER may use its right of withdrawal within days from the delivery of the product. For the PURCHASER to use its right of withdrawal, the PURCHASER is liable to inform ipekarnas.com thereof within this 7 day period. In the case that the right of withdrawal is used, the original invoice, which has been delivered to the PURCHASER or third parties, must be submitted. Shipping fees relevant to the products that are being returned in compliance with the right of withdrawal will be provided by the PURCHASER.
• In the case that the PURCHASER cancels the order, the amount paid by the PURCHASER will be reimbursed within 7 days from the date the products are returned to ipekarnas.com For imbursements to be made by ipekarnas.com, reimbursement account is the same account the payment has been made. In the case that ipekarnas.com could not reimburse to the account in question because it has been closed/changed by the PURCHASER and/or inactivity of the account, ipekarnas.com will be relieved from its liability thereof. In such a case, the PURCHASER is liable to demand the reimbursement from ipekarnas.com in person and in writing. In such a case, the PURCHASER may not demand any compensation for delays, late interest or similar claims.
• Any dispute between ipekarnas.com and the PURCHASER will be settled by Istanbul Courts and Enforcement Offices.
• The PURCHASER may submit any request and complaints to the telephone number +90 (216) 416 86 40, LEJYON TEKSTİL or to e-mail address, info@ipekarnas.com ; or in writing to the mail address, İbrahimağa sok. Topgül apt. No:2 Daire:3 Kozyatağı Kadiköy/İstanbul